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Great News ! The profit increase .

May 30th, 2015

Hello Dear Uploaders mediafree.

Today 05/30/2015 The profit increase is well

you can see the table of earning now from here

Groub A = 6$ it was 6$
Groub B = 4$ it was 3$
Groub C = 3$ it was 2$
Groub D = 2$ It was 1.5$
We hope that always make you happy!
Best wishes good luck to you

Mediafree Admin


Profits system changed

March 15th, 2015

Hello all

we would like to say sorry for this news but we must do this so we can still live

we make little change in profit system today

we pay for all file sizes from 1bite to 10gb

This final decision Can not change
We are working hard to make mediafree Successful and continuous
Will not feel the change Because it is simple But important

Thank you for choosing mediafree


Free 1 year Upgrade Premium !

August 21th, 2014

Hello All member.

we have offer you , if you Uploader With MediaFree And get up to 1000 download per day you will get free upgrade premium for 1 Year.

Please send msg to Support mediafree
With your Account Name and we will upgrade your account after review your stats.
Join Our Page in FaceBook.
Kind regards.

Support mediafree


Free User Upload Files Upto 2Giga

August 08th, 2014

There are some changes today
We Upgrade Free user to upload files upto 2giga , was before 1giga
Free User Now Can Upload Files Up To 2048Mb!

Support MediaFree.


minimum to withdraw profits

July 31th, 2014

Hello !

Today We have decided to raise the minimum to withdraw profits From 2$ to 4$
Because of the many requests for payment !

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Admin MediaFree.


Technical problem occurred today!

June 26th, 2014

Hello !

Very sorry about the problem that occurred today
Been one of our servers today Technical problem
There was a problem in the file servers
The problem was continued for 10 hours Or more
Technical problem occurred , A team working to solve the problem and everything is fine Now.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused

Kind Regards.


Hello !

June 07th, 2014

Welcome To MediaFree.Co !

Upload , Share , Earn !

We Just Open And start today! 2014-06-07

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Good luck and good profits !

#Admin MediaFree.Co